3 Month Complete Training Program – TEST




Monthly Coaching – What this includes?

ALL female and male comp prep and monthly coaching include start point training and diet plans that will be tailored based on your current caloric intake and training set up, each week we will run an online check in, where your progress is reviewed and alterations made to the plan based on your adherence and to see you reach the target goal. The package also includes supplement plans, and anabolics/health/blood work advise if needed.

  • Coaching is available to anyone who is willing to work hard.
  • All coaching is online – this is done via email.
  • The plans are always written and tailored to your goals, your likes, dislikes and daily timings.
  • The diet is written with foods NOT macros The training plan is VERY thorough and outlines everything, sets/reps/exercises etc
  • This is a strict coaching service… I ¬†expect full adherence and hard work…so before committing please ensure you are ready, willing and able to adhere to that level.



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